The major Symptoms that you should never ignore

All of us know our bodies and have an idea of how we are feeling. If we suddenly feel that something is not right in our body, then we have the power to understand the symptoms as well. If we pay close attention to our body, then we can understand how our body is reacting to common symptoms as well. We can also understand heart attack symptoms as well.

Knowing your body

According to American researchers, we know our body the best and accordingly we should pay close attention to our body to understand the symptoms. We should not ignore any symptoms as well. We treat some illnesses with medical help but again we should learn to understand any kind of symptom in our body. Now how can be really understand whether a symptom is serious or can be neglected? Check the list of symptoms that you should never ignore. This list can help you avoid a number of diseases that may indicate some diseases.

Pain in the chest

Pain is the chest can be really serious. Some people neglect it, saying that it may be the formation of gas, however a pain in the chest can also be a symptom of a heart attack, which is on the way. Your chest would tighten and a pain would occur in the same. A heart attack may also be cause with high blood pressure, sweating in the palms, nausea and shortness of breath and deep breathing. If you feel that you have these symptoms, call for medical help at the earliest.

Chronic headache

A chronic headache may be the cause of severe migraine. That is what many people say. However, did you know that chronic headaches could also be the symptom of indication of the burst of the blood vessel in the brain? It can also be a cause of meningitis or shingles, which should be treated at the earliest. A headache can also be an indication to a life-threatening problem, which must be treated.

Unexpected confusion

There may be times when you are suffering from lack of concentration or inability to focus on a particular topic. In these cases, professional attention is also required. This strange behavior can be the initial cause of a brain tumor, a stroke or a bleeding in the brain. This may also be a cause of dehydration and you need to find out the problem as soon as possible.

Rapid weight loss

If you feel that you are losing weight very rapidly in a very short period of time, you should seek professional medical help. Rapid weight loss may be due to cancer or due to diabetes. You may also be depressed or have a hormonal problem that is leading to this steady weight loss. Colon cancer starts with rapid weight loss and thus you need to be really aware of the symptoms.

Eye flashes and floaters

If you suddenly feel that you notice sudden flashes of light or streaking lights or bright spots in front of your eyes you need to visit the doctor immediately. This may usually be a symptom of detached retina that ends up in lack of complete vision. Though these symptoms do not cause any sort of pain, they need to be treated in a timely manner so that they do not lead to serious problems.

Continuous recurrent fever

A fever that lasts for a long period of time and has not subsided needs medical assistance. The fever is an indication that something is not right in your body and continuous fever meant that the infection is deadly. The diseases like meningitis and UTI require immediate attention.

Source: Health & Love Page

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