Are you the kind of person that you have probably woke up early in the morning and spent additional 10-20 minutes rolling on the bed? You may finally get out of bed when the second or third alarm signaled. This is when you will finally put the feet on the ground and started your day. But in some cases, it is not the actual process that begins.

Sometimes, you may experience pain when place the foot on the ground. You may feel pain in the heel while in other cases it is more like a throb concentrated in the toes or a dull pain in the foot’s arch. It is possible that you have not experienced such pain, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t notice it tomorrow.

In some cases, you might feel the pain in the past, but you were fine for a while. Most of the people may experience the pain in the so-called periods of transition. For example, when they switch from warm boots to shoes used in spring and when they replace the shoes with sandals or flip flops.

In some people, this problem is so serious that they have to perform foot stretching every morning so they can work normally. On top of that, this practice doesn’t solve this problem regularly, but it provides relief.

Let us be clear. This problem is not something new because people might face this problem with their feet since ancient times. So, it is not a surprise why many old people know some great natural remedies that have proven to be helpful for many people.

Many of them claim that an Epsom salt foot soak mixed with some apple cider vinegar can do wonders for your feet. You should definitely try this remedy because you do not have anything to lose except time.

If you this remedy is just something left from the past when people do not know better, you should think twice as there is logical explanation why Epsom salt foot bath works.

The Science Behind Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Bath

We must take a few things into consideration:

Hot Water

Hot water acts as a natural remedy for a myriad of health issues for hundreds of years. Many nations in Europe and Asia relied on hot springs when they wanted to heal certain health problems like tuberculosis and arthritis.

There is a small chance that hot water can actually cure tuberculosis, it is true fact that hot water can ease the tension in the muscles and relief pressure and stress that they create directly to the bones. This heat created by hot water encourages blood flow for improved health.

Hot water soothes the compression of joints making sufficient space found between joints so they can stop grinding against each other.

However, warm water is more beneficial than hot water. So, you should not try to use water that is above your body temperature.

Use water under 39 C or 102 D. you can measure it with the help of body thermometer. In case it is very hot, you can expect higher blood pressure and challenge your heart work.

When you soak your feet in water, perform some feet stretches and toe curls for the better results.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts consists of magnesium and it is an essential mineral that makes you feel relaxed. It helps the process of detoxification and aids the body get the most from calcium absorbed through food.

In addition, they are rich in sulfates too. If you find the right balance between magnesium and sulfates, the body can experience some amazing health benefits like:

  • Boosted circulatory and heart health, avoiding improper heart rhythm, staying safe from hardening in the arteries, lowering blood clots and stabilizing blood pressure.
  • Increased bodily ability to utilize insulin, lowering the chances of developing diabetes and easing the symptoms of diabetes.
  • Eliminating chemicals, heavy metals and toxins from all the cells, soothing muscle cramps and pain and aiding the body’s efforts to remove dangerous compounds.
  • Strengthened nerve function with the help of electrolyte management. In addition, calcium is the most important conductor when it comes to electrical current in the human body while magnesium is crucial for keeping optimal calcium levels in the bloodstream.
  • Elimination of stress. High amount of adrenaline and stress is associated with magnesium depletion in the body. Magnesium is very important for the production of serotonin, which is a natural chemical associated with our mood. If the serotonin levels are good, the brain makes us feel well and relaxed.
  • Eased inflammation, muscle cramps and pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar provides anti-fungal effects. It acts as a natural moisturizer and reduces odor linked to feet.

In case you are dealing with unpleasant foot odor or you have developed so-called athlete’s foot, you should definitely include apple cider vinegar in your bath.

In addition, apple cider vinegar has capability to make your feet softer and heal cracked and damaged skin. A scrub based on apple cider vinegar can help you with exfoliation too.

The Foot Bath Recipe

  • Two cups of apple cider vinegar
  • ½ gallon of nearly hot water
  • ½ cup of Epsom salt.

Take all the ingredients and stir them well in a large bowl or tube. Put your foot in the mixture. Allow them to soak until the water becomes cold. You have to do this procedure at least once in seven days.

Source: Health & Love Page

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