This is a real life story which the medical establishment wouldn’t want you to know. It is about a man who succeeded to cure his stage 4 cancer prostate cancer by using one very simple ingredient baking soda.

Vernon Johnston had been diagnosed with prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones and was supposed to undergo the conventional chemotherapy treatment. He was hoping that the chemo drugs will only the cancer cells, but not the healthy ones which have remained.

Since the conventional chemotherapy treatment is known as an aggressive anti-cancer method in which patients may experience weakened immune system, hair loss, and low energy levels, and since Vernon’s cancer was at in advanced stage (IV), there is no guarantee that the chemotherapy will help him cure cancer.

His brother advised him to try another, different cancer treatment rather than chemotherapy, that will help him raise his body’s pH levels and thus to stop the spreading of the cancer in his body.  In order to do that, Vernon needed cesium chloride, which doctors sometimes recommend it to their cancer patients. He ordered cesium chloride, but unfortunately it got lost in the mail.

So he decided to do some research on the internet to find another way to raise his pH level into the alkaline range.

He discovered one amazing remedy of baking soda with maple syrup. Since he hadn’t maple syrup in his kitchen, he used the molasses which also has shown as beneficial.

While some of you may be skeptic that cancer can be cured by using this combination of baking soda and maple syrup, then you should definitely know the following:

Cancer cells thrive only an acidic environment and sodium bicarbonate accelerate the process of alkalization of the body by restoring the body’s bicarbonate levels to normal, starving the cancer cells and thus preventing their growth.

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Source: Healthz Viperson