Those who have the gout only know how much it pains. This particular type of arthritis causes when the level of Uric Acids that is needed to our body exceeds much.

It is noteworthy that men are generally affected with the disease and the main the reason behind the disease is improper dietetic habits. So to get rid of the pain, the first think you should do is to change your food habit and maintaining a proper diet.

The harms that can be caused by Uric Acids

Know about the harmful effects of Uric Acids, to lower the level of uric Acids in your body and different ways to be serve this purpose

Uric Acid Tophi

The high amount of Uric Acid in the blood is called Hyuperuricemia. Mainly 2 reasons play the vital role behind this disease:

  1. Generation of excess uric acid in your body and 2. Reduction of the secretion of uric acid by your kidneys

Because of the high uric acid level crystal form in the joints and various other body parts and these crystals are the main reasons behind the painful problems including gout. The crystals are heavier than blood and thus started depositing in the body. As a result of gravity the crystals come down to your lower body parts. These crystals take place between the larger spaces in the joint of your big toe.

If the uric acid crystals start forming in the kidney, it results in kidney stone.

Along with gout another problem which occurs for crystal formation is Tophi. Not only could these, the crystals lead to other diseases like-

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Gouty arthritis
  3. Hypertension and
  4. Renal failure

The normal uric acid level of a human being is as following- Men: 3.4 -7.0 mg/dL and Women: 2.4 – 6.0 mg/dL.

The main factors behind high uric acid level

Not a particular reason can be said as the cause of rising uric acid level. There are many factors behind the high uric acid level

  1. Taking food with high amounts of purines (because they into the state of uric acid)
  2. Consumption of excessive alcohol
  3. Renal Insufficiency
  4. Overweight or obesity
  5. Hypo Thyroid
  6. Metabolic/ Endocrine malfunctions like diabetes / acidosis

Along with the major problems, Genetic heredity and presence of other diseases are also there behind the cause of increasing uric acid level.

Some other causes like cancers, some medications such as chemotherapy or diuretics agents are also believed to be the cause of creating the problem. The level of uric acid in a human body also increases when we take a fast or crash diet and exercise.


But foods are not the only reason to cause the problem. The source of the problem can be present inside your body as your body fail to eradicate uric acid due to some reasons. And if the root of the problem is there in case of you, you must take proper treatment to get rid of the problem.

Some people suffering from gout may have lacking of enzymes. As a result of what the body finds it difficult to break down purines.

Those who have to undergo through organ transplantation, have the high chances to be affected by the problem.

Environmental pollution can also be a major reason because some people can be affected by gout because of the exposure of lead in the environment.

But natural remedies can take a major role to cure the problem of gout and controlling the level of uric acid. At the same time you should also undergo a proper treatment and diagnosis from an expert.

The list of foods you must avoid to control your Uric acid level

A variety of fruits, legumes and veggies should be cut from the diet list that is responsible for increasing uric acid level. There are also not-meat products containing high level of purines.

Here is the list of the fruits, legumes and veggies which you should cut off from your diet list. The things are as following- Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple, Beans, Lentils, Mushrooms, Peas and so on.

Stop consuming high-fructose corn syrup

Fructose is a major substance to increase uric acid level. That’s why the beverages containing high fructose corn syrup for sweetening must be abandoned along with various deserts that may contain the substance. So before consuming any food like that, read the food package thoroughly as a number of items can contain HF-CS. not only in sweet foods , this composition can be also found in the items that do not have the sweet taste, for example, in some snack foods or breads.