There is a lot of promises and fallacy being spread on the internet about HCG drop and staying healthy. Most of these empty promises revolve around the different ways of approaching weight loss. You will find HCG drop products claiming that they contain a hormone which is often produced during pregnancy some even named after the hormone and that it has the ability to lose weight faster some even claiming overnight results. Backers have also not been left behind in the craze since they claim to produce products with ultra-low-calorie that are able to reset metabolism so that you lose extra pounds faster without feeling hungry.

Well that is what manufacturers and vendors will tell you but this is what science says. It is a scientific fact that any food with very low calories will result in weight loss. HCG which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin on the other hand has nothing to do weight loss. HCG drop basically help you limit calorie intake to about 500 calories a day which will be of great help if you are in a weight loss program. HCG can be taken inform of pills, drops, spray, drops or injection.

It is not yet clear if HCG drops have been approved by medics has a weight loss ingredient since scientists are still looking at how exactly it will trigger weight loss. When you take HCG drops you will start to eat less. Some of the meals that go with HCG drop include vegetables, one protein, a fruit and bread. The dish can be broiled or grilled whether its beef, chicken or fish as long as you avoid eating any visible fat.

The best vegetables to go for in an HCG diet include spinach, chicory, green salad, chard, celery, cabbages and cucumbers. For fruits, you can go for strawberries, orange, apples. The diet allows for a lot of drinks hence you can go for water, coffee or tea. Just make sure that instead of sugar use other sweeteners preferable natural sugars with low calories.

HCG drops are available all over the internet. You can look at for all the information you need about HCG drops. You will get an insight on various HCG products as well as how it has benefited a lot of people across the globe.

Vegetarians using HCG drop are recommended to take a lot of skim milk to compensate for not getting enough proteins.