Vinegar could be just one condiment but it is certainly good for your body!

For example, both non diabetic and diabetic patients have suggested that by simply adding two spoons of vinegar to any sort of meal will not just improve the blood sugar control but will also blunt the spiking of blood sugar by at least twenty percent right after an important meal.

If you look at this in other words, it will be easier to understand. If you add some vinegar to your salad or rice like the Japanese do while making sushis or even dipping some bread in balsamic sauce that will blunt the high effects of foods that are high-glycemic.

Studies have shown that those who have vinegar on a regular basis tend to lose visceral fat easily.

We have learn about the effects of vinegar in the past twenty five years although we are not very sure of its mechanism. Originally, it was thought that vinegar will only slow the stomach after emptying but the truth is that consuming vinegar even outside meals can help. An example can be used to explain this. In a study of type 2 diabetes patients who consume about two spoons of apple cider vinegar before going to sleep wake up with much better level of blood sugar in the morning. However I do would recommend not to drink vinegar straight from the bottle in excess. One cup everyday in six years could be at least 2000 cups and that would be a horrible idea.

Vinegar can also help in reducing body fat, reduces Polycystic ovary syndrome and improves your arterial function as well. For example if you have one spoon of apple cider vinegar everyday can help in restoring your ovarian function within a few months time with PCOS. And one spoon of rice vinegar can help in improving the artery function in all postmenopausal women. Although we are not sure about the reason, but the acetate that is produced from acetic acid inside vinegar van lead to production of nitric oxide. This effect can reduce hypertension and lower blood pressure too. Studies have supported this claim.

Contrary to what folk wisdom tells, vinegar cannot help in treating head lice. Neither does it help in weight loss. A recent study which is double blind and placebo control shad obese subjects drink vinegar filled drinks which has at least two spoons of apple cider vinegar. Some were given a placebo drink that tasted like vinegar but had no acetic acid. Both the groups however lost weight although one lost more than the control group. Almost four pounds within a period of three months was lost. A significant amount of visceral fat was also lost in the process. It also made them less prone to chronic diseases which is associated with visceral fat.

There are all kinds of exotic and flavourful vinegars you can try nowadays. Pomergranate, figs and peach are some of them. I would encourage you to experiment and include some in your diet.

Source: Mind Body Green