Many of you may feel sleepy and exhausted after spending a few hours or rather a day in the swimming pool. The story was same with the 10 year old boy Johnny, who complained of fatigue after spending an entire day in the swimming pool and said her mother Cassandra Jackson that he needed some sleep. Swimming after spending an active day can cause fatigue to any child and his mother also did not see anything abnormal in his urge of sleeping. She allowed him to sleep and like any other mom, she went to his room to check whether he was still sleeping. What she saw became the shock of her life!

She saw the child’s face to be filled with foam and he could not breathe well. Seeing this, she immediately took her son to the ER, where she was said that the boy had suffered from “Secondary Drowning”. She was also said that the boy had swallowed some water in the pool, which led to this condition. Anyone suffering from this condition can get these types of symptoms within 72 hours of leaving the pool.

In some cases, secondary drowning can be extremely fatal if someone fails to take necessary steps seeing the warning signs. If an adult or child inhales some water in the lake, sea, ocean or even a pool, he might get his lungs irritated leading to swelling. Though the water present in the lung is very low, it can hamper the natural functioning of the respiratory organ, which in turn may affect its ability to supply oxygen to the blood. Therefore, it is always recommended  to monitor children closely if they have swallowed excess water or experienced near drowning symptoms. In case of any unnatural signs, rush to the hospital at once.

What you should look for:

  • Excess tiredness after bath.
  • Breathing shortness after bath.
  • Mood swings or irritability without any specific reason.