Only a few people can eat lemon without making a funny face. From tight, puckered lips to squinting their eyes, etc.

Many make the mistake of thinking lemon is more useful when eaten raw. In the actual sense, lemon juice plus a glass of hot water taken in the morning affects your health in more amazing ways than you can imagine.

Is Lemon Water Good For You?

One thing is sure – you won’t have an odd look on your face when you take lemon water. Taking hot lemon water in the morning leaves you feeling refreshed and lively. Your metabolism gets that push it really needs.

Lemons are amazing sources of vitamin C, and they are very beneficial to your overall health.

You can get as much as 187% of your daily quota of vitamin C from just one cup of fresh lemon juice.

From this same lemon juice, you get healthy portions of copper, potassium, and magnesium.

You still need to focus on the way you take the lemon water. Don’t make the common mistake of discarding the lemon peel because it is the most nutritious part of the lemon.

You would probably want to go through the regular process of slicing the lemon, extracting the juice into a glass, and then you add the hot or cold water. This process is not right at all.

However, luck is on your side today because you found us. Below is the correct method for making lemon water.

The Ideal Lemon Water Recipe

  • Get some fresh lemons (organic ones are better).
  • -Slice them into thick or thin pieces as you desire.
  • -Squeeze some (not all) sliced lemons into the water.
  • -Grate some of the zest of the slices you already squeezed into your drink.
  • -The unsqueezed slices should be put into your mug, travel cup or blender bottle.
  • -Fill the mug or cup with boiling or ice water.
  • -Take a sip!

Lemon Water for the Win

Many health experts have attested to the fact that the acidity of lemon water helps in digestion. It reduces food absorption. This helps to store insulin in your body and makes sure your body properly utilizes the food it gets.

Lemon water also helps to reduce fluid retention and also boost your GI tract in the morning to make it more active.

Give it a try. Follow the correct procedures and benefit a lot from this healthy mix.

Via Family Life Goals