What can you think of when you are told to speak on the topic health? Is it food, reduction of weight, or following a rigid diet? Some of us will focus on health while some will focus on keeping yourself fit and healthy by yoga, gym regimes and exercise. Did you know that making love is a great way to keep yourself healthy? Read on to know more.

Being happy is being healthy

Happiness is a very important part of your health. You need to be happy in order to be healthy. Do you realize that being happy is comprised of a variety of factors? Emotional happiness means that you are living with the people you love in unison. Physical happiness men as having a satisfying and a fulfilling sex life with your partner. It is one of the most important things to keep fit and healthy.

The taboo of sex

Many people are under the impression that sex is considered a taboo in the society. It is dirty and embarrassing and should not be spoken about. However, this is not true. If performed in the right way with the right person, sex can be a pleasurable experience. It is an activity where two humans get to know each other better, mentally, physically and spiritually. Making love with a loving and caring partner is the best time of the moment.

The best physical exercise

Sex is known to be a healthy experience for the body and the mind. It helps your body in resisting various germs to enter into the body. At the same time it also helps to lower the blood pressure level. Researches have provided that people who have sex thrice a week has a low level of blood pressure than people who do not. Sex is also beneficial for strengthening the pelvic muscles of a woman, this allows bladder control as well. It helps increase your heart beat rate, blood circulation and helps release oxytacin hormones in the body.

Good for the heart

Sex helps to lower the risk of heart attacks.It increases the heart rate and also keeps the heart healthy as well as in smooth working condition.The male and the female hormones are also balanced well in the body.It is also good for people with body pains.You would relaise that if you have any pain, a good round of sex will help you to get relief from the same.

Helps reduce prostrate cancer

Sex has been seen to reduce prostrate cancer by a good deal.Apart from that sex has a number of magical effects that includes good sleep patterns, reduces anxiety and stress in a person, and also promotes good health.