Natural remedies are the best for many diseases, especially chronic. No adverse effects, and it is much cheaper.

With the first strong winds and cold days are coming back problems for those who suffer from frequent sinusitis. Headaches are required companion of sinusitis, in which often do not help even the most powerful drugs. Therefore, it is better to turn to natural methods to relieve the pain, than the dosing with chemical preparations. The best ally in this fight is – horseradish.


The recommendation is to chop fresh horseradish and pour with apple cider vinegar, then put in half-liter bottle and close. Keep the mixture of ten days at room temperature with occasional shaking. When this period expires, breathe fumes five minutes several times a day over the open neck of the bottle.

Soak a cloth with the same liquid and hold it at night at the head or at the nape. The treatment takes five days, which is enough that strong smell of horseradish in vinegar can save you of sinusitis and unpleasant headache. One of the solutions is to grate 50 grams of horseradish, put it in five deciliter of water and put to boil. After that, put your head above the pot, cover with a towel and inhale the steam.