Hana Sekondi was in shock when she saw the ambulance parked next to her car in the parking lot. The officer met her at the car park and bring her for negligence. She left her one year daudghter in a locked car.

Witnesses Kristi Lansdown and Jedida Bicel noticed the girl in the car in the parking lot “Walmart” Talal, Oklahoma.

The girl was in the car for almost an hour. The two women immediately called an ambulance, which found that the girl was alive, but in mortal danger.

The temperature measured in the car was 58 degrees Celsius.

Sekondi was held in custody until today, when she will go to court for bringing her daughter’s life in danger. She told the police that she had forgotten that the child was in the car and went to the store.

The girl was taken to a medical center, where she was treated. She left the hospital and now her father care of her.