It’s just pee, right? I mean, how important can peeing be? But that’s where you’re wrong. In fact, one way to easily figure out how hydrated you are is by looking at how many times you use the bathroom.

Most individuals who have studied urology agree that the there is no set amount of times one should pee, but most people pee four times a day, maxing out at around seven, which is normal. If you pee a bit more than seven, don’t freak out  just yet. Many things can affect how frequently you urinate, starting with how often you hydrate yourself.


Drinking more water, means peeing more often. Certain irritants as well, like coffee, alcohol, and other drinks, can cause you to hit the loo more often. Some individuals have sensitive bladders, and the slightest urging sends them running to the bathroom. Even still, there are those of us who can hold our bladders until we’re likely to explode.

It is possible to pee too often, however. If you drink your normal, recommend daily dose of fluids, and you pee more than eleven times in a day, you could have an issue such as an overactive bladder that is contracting more than it needs too. This means you’ll feel the need to pee often. However, the good news is that we can train our bladder to do otherwise.

Other Pee Facts

  • Healthy pee should be translucent
  • You will pee more frequently as you age
  • If you’re urine smells sweet, this could be a sign of diabetes
  • It’s okay to hold your pee in unless it hurts
  • Regularly holding your pee in puts your bladder at risk for infections
  • Pee is mostly (95%) water
  • Certain foods change the color of your pee; eating blackberries can make it pink
  • Asparagus can make your pee smell rancid
  • An average urine stream should last around seven seconds
  • Your urine stream will weaken as you age

To avoid the always “fun” task of waking up in the middle of the night to pee, don’t drink anything when it’s close to bed time.