Although many people would claim that chiropractors are not real doctors, there is no doubt that a good chiropractor can make your life much easier if you’re in pain. There are numerous testimonials that prove this, and one of the most recent ones is by a 17-year old boy, living in America, who was suffering excruciating pains until he met Dr. Ian.

Dr. Ian is a chiropractor from Australia and he agreed to try to help this boy when everyone else turned their back on him. The boy was suffering from Kyphosis, and the pain was so severe that he wasn’t even able to sit from pain and he got a dead leg.  It became so unbearable that the boy was even contemplating suicide.

Fortunately, he met Dr. Ian who managed to relieve the boy’s pain with his own ten fingers only!  Below is the video of Dr. Ian’s miraculous treatment that changed this boy’s life: