Did you know that eating ramen and instant noodles every day could lead to heart attacks? Yes! Not only do they ruin your health and lead you to death but also cause several other life threatening diseases that could take over your life any day. Ramen and instant noodles are also one of the biggest reasons why so many people are obese today. You can find out more about them in this post!

So why do ramen noodles cause heart attacks and strokes?

Several specialists have proved to us that after doing some kind of experiment in the time in which he took help from a time-lapse video right into the stomach to notice what really happens two hours after eating ramen noodles.

Ramen like every other processed noodles are much less broken down as compared to ramen noodles cooked at home within a matter of two hours approx. This tends to interfere with the absorption of the nutrients in your body and allows all the preservatives along with the additives that stay much longer in your tummy after being sent to the intestines after it is eliminated.

Are instant noodles that bad?

Instant noodles contain salt, sugar, wheat flour and palm oil. They also contain other flavors and other artificial flavors such as more powdered salt, sugar and many other seasonings. Even though it tastes delicious it contains two thousand and seven hundred grams of sodium, which is bad for the health. It not only leaves a negative impact on your health but also ruins your body entirely.

Source: Just Natural Life