The small yellow colored citrus fruit, lemon, Christopher Columbus introduced to Florida, United States during the 16th century, is now a popular fruit among people. The fruit is not just consumed by millions over here but also it is cultivated locally. In the olden days, it is said that sailors for the treatment of scurvy, a health problem mostly associated with malnutrition at sea, used the vitamin C enriched fruit.

You may also find it quite surprising to know that during those days, a lemon was sold at an exorbitant price of around $1. However, cultivating this fruit locally made it available in the market and at an affordable price for the buyers. Not just that, the fruit, which was earlier used for the treatment of malnutrition is now used for fighting with different types of heart diseases, inflammation and cancer. Lemons, especially its juices have now become a part of everyday diet and are used for dressing salads or making different dishes. Combined with different vegetables and fruits, lemon juices are used for preparing health drinks as well. Squeezing its juice on vegetables enriches its taste to some great extent.

Five wonderful ways of using lemons are mentioned below:

  1. Usage in culinary activities

No more clumping rice- Clumping of rice can make it tasteless. To avoid this, you just need to take one tablespoon lemon juice and add it to the rice while cooking.

Ice cubes with lemon- Make tasty lemon ice cubes in summer by just putting lemon juice to the tray before freezing.

Delay browning of fruits or vegetables- Browning of pears, potatoes, chopped apples or bananas will no longer be a problem if you soak them in lemon juice.

A great substitute of sour cream- If there is no sour cream at home, you just need to take some whipped cream and pour lemon juice to it. Leave it for around thirty minutes and you will get sour cream ready to eat.

Reviving your limp lettuce- Reviving your limp lettuce will no longer be a tough job. You just need to soak it in a cold-water bowl after adding juice of half lemon in it. Refrigerate the lettuce leaves and you will find it crisp just after an hour or so.

  1. A great choice for healthy living

No more cough- Mix lemon juice in hot water and then adds some natural raw honey with it. Drink it to get relief from cough.

Treating sore throat– Take a glass of lemon water and gargle it with twice daily, once in the morning and then at night to get fast healing from sore throat.

Soothing skin rashes- If you are suffering from itchy skin, you can use lemon juice for healing the condition. All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in juice and apply it on the rashes.

Treating insect bites- Applying lemon juice with cotton ball in areas afflicted with insect bites can help in treating itchiness or swelling.

Treating warts- Applying lemon juice on warts can help in treating the condition at ease.

  1. Helps To Become Beautiful Naturally

No more age spots or freckles- Soak cotton swabs in lemon juice and apply it on the areas with age spots or freckles for fading it naturally.

Acts as natural exfoliator- If you are looking for a natural scrub and exfoliator, you need to mix lemon juice, olive oil, honey along with honey. Apply it on your skin and wash it off after some time.

Helps in treating acne- Lemon juice is a great astringent and you just need to apply it on acne affected areas for treating the skin condition. After applying it on the affected area, you just need to leave it for around 10 minutes and then rinse it well with lukewarm water.

Natural Lightener for hair- You can lighten and moisturize your hair just by applying a mix of lemon with coconut oil. While lemon juice will lighten the color of hair, oil will get it moisturized.

Helps in treating dandruff- Take two tablespoon lemon juice and massage your scalp with it. Once done, you can rinse off the hair with lemon water to get rid of dandruff. You can repeat the process as and when needed.

  1. Naturally active agent for cleaning

An excellent choice for multipurpose cleaning- Clean your bathroom and kitchen by making a solution using lemon, lemon essential oil, water, baking soda and vinegar.

Window cleaning- Make a mixture using lemon juice, cornstarch, water and vinegar. Use it as a cleaner for windows and see how the grime or grease vanishes at ease.

Polish your furniture- Polish your furniture using a mix of lemon juice, lemon essential oil and olive oil. To get the best finish, just dip a cloth in the mixture and clean it softly.

Cleaning hardwood floors- Make a mix using lemon juice and vinegar. Apply it on the hardwood floors for cleaning the grimes.

Excellent cleaning agent for toilet- Remove the tough stains from your toilet just by applying half a cup of lemon juice. Leave the juice undisturbed for some time and then scrub it to vanish the stains. If needed, you can also apply some borax with the juice.

  1. Useful for laundry purposes

No more spot stain- Underarm stain of your clothes is no more a problem. You just need to make a mix of salt and lemon juice, Apply it on the stained area and rinse after some time.

Remove stains or marks from grease- Now, you do not need to throw away the clothes stained with grease. Make a mix using lemon juice and vinegar, and then apply it on the marks. Leave it on the stains for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

A gentle bleach- Whiten your white clothes by soaking then in a mix of lemon juice and hot water. Soak for some time and then rinse them as usual.

Whitening tennis shoes- Take some lemon juice and get it sprayed on the tennis shoes for making them whiter as well as brighter. To get the best result, dry them on sun.

No more mildew stains- If your clothes are damaged due to mildew stains, you just need to apply a mix of salt paste and lemon juice. Leave it on the sun and get it dried.

Some other uses of the citrus fruit lemon

Drive away pesky cats and dogs- Sprinkle some grounded coffee beans and lemon peels at your backyard for driving away cats or dogs, as they do not like this smell.

Keep pets fur free from stains- Make a paste using baking soda and lemon juice. Apply it on the fur of your pet. Leave it for around ten minutes and then rinse it off. This will leave their coats stain free. Yet, be careful so that their eyes are protected.

Drive away insects and pests- Sprinkle some lemon peels on the floor and see how the insects vanish from your home. Spraying concentrated lemon juice at different places is also a good choice for keeping your home insect free. You can also mix lemon juice in the water used for mopping your home and get rid of cockroaches.