Many people are of the opinion that we keep plants in our house to beautify the surroundings so that they look lush and green. However, did you know that plants also help to increase the amount of oxygen in the air? Plants also help to eliminate and reduce toxins as well as molds from the air

The benefits of plants in your homes

Plants would help you to get rid of the toxic air around you that is most likely present to damage your health. There are some plants that help in keeping the air clean and free from pollution and can also reduce specific components that are present in the air and can damage our health. Plants can also help to purify the air comprising of point particles, dust, dirt and building materials. The following are the list of plants that may help to clean the air around you. They are known as oxygen bombs.

Ficus plant

Ficus plant which is known as Ficus elastic is a plant that can be maintained easily and looks good as well. The best thing about this plant is that it does not need too much of light for survival. The Ficus is beneficial for cleaning the formaldehyde which is present in the air. The leaves are poisonous and children should be kept away from it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant which is well known for its healing properties. They can be mixed with cream and applied on the skin, drank as a juice and also is beneficial for absorbing the CO2 and CO as well as formaldehyde from the air. This plant is also used as commercial air purifiers.


Ivy is a plant that should be kept in every home. It helps in reduction of 60% of toxins in the air in a period of about 6 hours. Ivy looks beautiful as well and is scientifically known as Hedera Helix. Ivy can also reduce 60% of feces particles from the air in a very short span of time.

The Spider plant

The spider plants which are better known as Chlorophytum is an attractive looking plant that can also initiate the process of photosynthesis even in less light. Spider plant help in accumulating all the toxins from the air  including styrene, formaldehyde, as well as CO. One spider plant can clean about a space of 200 square meters.

These plants are well known and should be kept in all homes for creating a green and Eco friendly ambience around you.