During the current month of January, the couple Duranord and Jeanne Veillard celebrate their 80th anniversary together. Living together for 8 decades, they may be considered as have one of the longest marriages in the history of humanity.

The husband Duranord is 108 years old, while the wife Jeanne is 105. According to information, they actually met and got married around the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Quite a long life it was for both.

A little history.

Both couples actually reside in the US, and have been there ever since 1968, where they got there through a Visa. Duranord and Jeanne, having lived for this long together, outclass the lifespans of most healthy individuals in a 1st world country.

A lot of people may be speculating on the reason for their longevity. After all, one does not simply stay alive, with their couple, crossing 100 years of age together!

The couple simply call the longevity an act of God’s will, but an observance of their lifestyle actually shows an additional side. The routine of the couple is quite simple and healthy.

It starts early in the morning with a few pushups and a breakfast meal (yes, 108 and doing pushups), followed by a simple and easy lifestyle where the lunch eaten in usually fish and vegetable based. After that, the couple simply goes to bed early.

That’s it?

Yes, and it worked. What we witness is a very old school couple, living their lives without use of machines or devices to aid in fitness. All they did was eat simply and healthy, living a happy and simple life. Judging from the lifestyles we see of the couples, one gets the impression that their lives have been dedicated to extreme simplicity and low stress.

Such a lifestyle is definitely something to appreciate in today’s busy age.