Members of the Hunza people are always smiling, lively, and are strong. They look so youthful that many people are shocked of their age. They eat a lot of apricots …

They seem to be from another planet, but they aren’t. Hunza people live in the mountains of northern Pakistan, there are about 87,000, and are special because they live an average of one hundred years, but many of them experience 120 years without any problems. Individuals have lived 160 years. They are rarely sick, do not know what are tumors, they have a very youthful look, and their wives give birth even when they turn 65 years.

They are living proof of how diet and lifestyle affect humans. Hunza take baths in icy water, even if it is below zero. They eat only what they are growing. They feed on raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, eat a lot of dried apricots, a variety of cereals (mainly millet, buckwheat and barley), legumes and less cheese, milk and eggs.

Hunza people eat little but walk a lot

There is no snacks for them, just breakfast and lunch. They walk a lot, even 15 to 20 kilometers a day. They eat meat extremly rare, it can be twice a year and they eat a little lamb or chicken. Also, they laugh a lot.

For a period between two and four months they do not eat anything, but drink only juice from dried apricot. This is their tradition since ancient times that they respect it, and it takes place in a time of year when the fruit is not yet ripe. Doctors agree that the way of their diet and periods of starvation contributed for their good health and longevity.

The habit of consuming large amounts of apricot may be responsible in protecting them against tumors. Apricot seeds are rich in vitamin B-17 which has anticancer properties, and from the seeds they make oil. But it is about small doses that might otherwise be life-threatening. It is a kind of a prestige that the family has more apricot trees on their land. Unfortunately, today, and among them, an unhealthy industrial food comes and the result is the appearance of caries and gastrointestinal problems, which were not previously known.

This vigorous and hardy people, say about themselves that are the descendants of Alexander the Great and his army. Some of them were at the time of the conquest remained in their villages and married. In 1984 the media wrote about Said Abdul Mobudu from Hunza people who came to the London airport and confused officers showing their passport. It was written that he was born in 1832.

Source: 24sata