It’s easy to get carried away with the trend of buying coconut water for its “numerous” benefits.

While it’s good to go natural and consume more organic products for their nutritional value;

It is also important to be fully in tuned with what your intended benefits from the product is.

Coconut water has beneficial enzymes (like catalase, dehydrogenase, and peroxidase) and these enzymes are highly useful to your body as they help with digestion and aid the body’s metabolism. It also possesses magnesium and potassium which is good for your bones and teeth.

You can also get a good rundown on all the nutritional facts about coconut oil by clicking on the highlighted text.

However, while you rush to your local grocery store to buy pre-packaged coconut water there are things you will need to consider really carefully so that you actually know what you are getting.

Is the coconut water unpasteurized?

Do you read the label of your coconut water? And does it say unpasteurized? If you are really aware of the essential benefits of coconut water and you are desperate to tap into these benefits then these questions must be of paramount importance to you.

Unpasteurized coconut water is much healthier because the nutrients are better preserved, but they are destroyed when the coconut water is heated.

Preparation of coconut water by high pressure dispensation to destroy bacteria rather than heating it is much healthier. With majority of the brands on the shelf of your local grocery store using the heating process you are buying coconut water that really isn’t giving you the benefits you so much desire.

In the Michigan area the only major brand that doesn’t heat but actually claims to use the unpasteurized method of processing its coconut water is Harmless Harvest.

Are you getting value for your money?

Now that you know you are probably buying unhealthy coconut water, you might now start thinking about how much you are actually spending on garbage.

Once again I make reference to the Michigan area for obvious reasons; there are several brands that are readily available. Most of these brands do not use unpasteurized preparation methods some of these brands include – Zico and Naked produced by Coca Cola and Pepsi respectively. A 12 ounce bottle is sold for as much a $1.95.

So you do the math based on your consumption rate and you will know just how much you have been spending on these products without deriving the true benefits of coconut water. The product which actually claims to have unpasteurized coconut water – Harmless harvest sells for about $3.59 for an 8 ounce bottle. Maybe in this case paying more pays!

Did you hear about the coconut water law suit?

Talk about misrepresentation of fact.

In 2007, Vita Coco a brand owned by All Market Inc. agreed to pay a whopping $10 million settlement after a lawsuit alleged that the company misrepresented the health benefits of its coconut water on its label.

They claimed that their coconut water was in their own words – “super-hydrating,” “nutrient-packed” and “mega-electrolyte.”  The label further claimed that the coconut water had, again in their own words – “15 times the electrolytes found in sports drinks” and “is about hydration.”

One of the numerous pieces of evidence presented in the case against Vita Coco was this shocking report on coconut water  suggesting that majority of coconut water brands in the market do not meet the nutritional claims they put forward on their label.

This evidence was backed scientifically as tests were carried out on most brands and Dr. Ted Cooperman of who conducted the tests stated that – “While it’s certainly safe to drink coconut water, it’s been overhyped and even mislabeled”

Do you still need convincing?

Go natural

If by this point from reading this article you have lost interest in coconut water, don’t!

You can go natural, buy coconut and drink the water as well as eat its flesh to derive the nutritional benefits that you have been denied. You will find that it is more rewarding than buying overpriced coconut water products that promise much but deliver little.

Source: Alt Health Works