Most Nutritionists and Specialist are of the opinion that drinking lemon water especially before having your breakfast is extremely valuable for your health. It hydrates your body as well as eliminates most toxins found in your body.

Lemons contain important nutrients that our body needs, like- vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, iron. They are also rich in sugars, fibers and protein.

Its citrus extract gives a strong antiviral and antibacterial potential which supports general well-being.

You can improve its flavor, by adding a little bit of nectar into a glass of sifted water mixed with a large portion of lemon.

There are proven medical advantages; one can derive from drinking lemon water before having breakfast:

Drinking lemon water helps your body processes. Taking lemon water consistently helps you in cleansing out your body system, discharging of bile and also flushing away all the unsafe substances or poisonous toxins in the body. It counteracts any digestive issue your body might have.

Drinking a warm glass of lemon water before breakfast helps in weight loss. Lemons help control hunger pangs and check longing due to its pectin strands, causing you to control your nourishment levels. It paces your fat-smouldering and digestion when you drink a blend of lemon water and nectar.

Drinking a warm glass of lemon water helps to clear the skin. Lemon water helps in enhancing skin recovery, just by drinking a glass before breakfast.

Drinking lemon water before breakfast help in boosting your immune system. Regular drinking of warm lemon water daily can help expand your body’s capacity for absorbing iron. This creates a solidly grounded framework for the immune system. It also protects you from colds and influenza due to its vitamin C content.

Lemons can be used to prevent mouth odors, usually, lemons clean the mouth by breaking down the microscopic organisms responsible for bad breath and mouth odors.

Drinking lemon water before breakfast can help in controlling your body’s pH level. Just taking a glass of warm lemon water can aid in the adjustment of the body’s pH levels.

Drinking lemon water improves your vitality due to its richness in vitamins B, proteins, Vitamin C, and phosphorus. All these nutrients aid in sustaining the body’s vitality.

A curing sore throat and tonsillitis can be possible with lemons. Lemon water cures various diseases of the throat due to its antibacterial properties. Throat contaminations can be drastically reduced through the drinking of hot lemon water before breakfast.

Drinking lemon water can help in controlling high blood pressure. Drinking lemon water helps in cleaning the lymphatic framework, and it maintains the body’s hydration. It promotes better rest and reduces anxiety through its potassium content. The level of circulatory strain is controlled, likewise the enhancement of the mental action.

Drinking lemon water – taking lemon water also help in the cleansing of the urinary tract. Lemon water is an amazing blend of water and lemon, and it aids in cleansing the urinary tract from many micro-organisms due to its diuretic properties. It also controls the body pH levels thereby preventing the multiplication of micro-organisms.

Drinking Hot lemon water, generally, improves your total well-being and boost your immune system. It also aids in weight loss.