For good digestion and your stomach health in addition to what we eat, it is very important what we do after the meal.


1. Do not smoke – experts have proven that smoking a cigarette after a meal is like smoking 10 cigarettes (increases the chances of getting cancer).

2. Do not eat fruit – eating fruit immediately after a meal makes the stomach swells from the air. So, you should eat fruit 1-2 hours after a meal or 1 hour before.

3. Do not drink tea – the amount of proteins which we get throught the food, will get hardening and will get hard to digest.

4. Do not loosen the belt – loosening the belt after a meal, can easily lead to twisting and blockage.

5. Do not take a shower – bathing leads to a stronger blood flow to the hands, feet and body so that the amount of blood around the stomach will be reduced. This weakens the digestive system in the stomach.

6. Do not walk – said once after a meal walk a hundred steps and you will live 99 years. This actually is not true. Walking interfere with the digestive system to absorb nutrients from ingested food.

7. Do not sleep – the food we eat will not be able to digest well. This leads to stomach problems and infections in the intestines.