Many people have tried this recipe, which is almost forgotten, and the results were so good that they decided to share it with everyone. Learn how to make it!

This is an interesting recipe that is used even by our grandmothers, and you need only three ingredients. They say the drug rejuvenates the bones for 20 years!

So, if you feel heaviness in the legs, pain in the joints, back pain and have consequences of some old injury, you do not need expensive gels and ointments, it is enough to get these three ingredients and make the drug.


  • 300 ml of alcohol (70%)
  • 100 ml of iodine
  • 10 aspirin pills of 300 mg

All the ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy. Povidone iodine is known as a broad spectrum strong germicide, effective against a large number of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and spores.


Mix the alcohol and iodine together, then add the crushed aspirin pills and mix it. Leave it for 21 days in a dark place, and after that you can use it as a cure.