Most Asian cultures have historically developed extremely effective alternate medicine therapies. The Japanese are also included in this list, with their ancient art of Jin shin Jitsu providing several techniques for healing and well being. Now we look at a method, that uses you’re only your fingers to cure a wide range of ailments in the body, in just over five minutes of time.

The art is formed on the principle that each finger is linked or connected with two organs in our body. There are several important points in the hand which can help in balancing the energy in our body. Thus, this technique can help improve physical as well as mental well being.

The actual treatment methodology is very simple. It requires you to hold a specific finger using the other hand, tightly for a few minutes. It is essential that you relax yourself when you are performing this and take deep breathes during the process. After five minutes, release the finger and then massage all the fingers in both your hands, gently.

Here is a list that shows which organ is connected to which finger:

  • Little Finger – This finger is connected to the small intestine and heart. It is also associated with the anxiety, nervousness and low self confidence. The physical symptoms associated with it are bone problems, throat pain and heart diseases.
  • Ring Finger – This finger is associated with the lungs and large intestine. Emotions that are associated with include fear, negativity and sadness. Physical symptoms include digestion problems, skin problems and respiratory issues like asthma.
  • Middle Finger – This finger is associated with the liver and yolky bitter. Emotions connected to the finger include irritability, lack of determination and anger. Physical symptoms include migraine, headache, lack of blood circulation, lethargy and menstrual pain.
  • Index Finger – This finger is connected to the bladder and kidney. Emotions associated with the finger are confusion, lack of happiness and fear. Physical symptoms include toothache, back pain, digestive disorders and muscle soreness
  • Thumb – This finger is connected to the spleen and the stomach. Emotions associated are depression and anxiety. Physical symptoms include stomach disorders, nervousness, headaches and skin problems.

Source: Healthy Life Vision