People who have poor or impaired vision always want to be able to see things better. In the past several treatments have come up but what we are about to tell you today will surely shock you!

Canadian optometrist Doctor Garth Webb came up with a great eye surgery that will change your vision for life! He came up with a new pair of lenses which can give you around 20/20 vision no matter how old you are. Those who have macular disorders can definitely try these ocumetics bionic lens and change their vision forever!

If you happen to be more than the age of 25, this surgery is perfect for you. Doctor Webb has also stated that people who are not able to see a simple object from far will be able to see things clearer after getting this surgery. In fact, they will see well!

What should you know about the surgery?

What is really so surprising about surgeries like these is that it takes just about eight minutes approx. Apart from that, it is quite quick and easy to do and doesn’t cause much pain. The recovery also doesn’t need a whole lot of time and the most ideal thing here is that the vision will be corrected and healed permanently.

But of course this idea did not come up within a day or two. Doctor Webb had spent almost 8 years and more than 3 billion dollars in order to make it perfect. He was also driven by this desire to come up with a permanent solution to his and others vision problems. He did not want people to wear glasses any more. He has also said that he looked up to cowboys and always noticed how they never wore glasses. The work he has done has surely shocked everyone in the medical world.

Source: Health & Beauty Power

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