A quick research about detox baths on the internet will bring up many ways to do this healthy practice. A detox bath has many advantages; it is the surest way to enjoy all the benefits of detox. We will be discussing how you can make your very own detox bath that will give the benefits equal to what you will enjoy at those high priced spas and beauty houses.

Our very own recipe will be basically the use of the amazing Epsom salt. This bath will get rid of those harmful toxins from your body to pave the way for the normal functioning of your muscles and internal organs. The Epsom salts have been used for very many years for a wide range of applications both inside and outside the home. It is very affordable and easy to get from the local health shops around you. It naturally occurs as pure mineral compounds of magnesium and sulfate with very many health benefits.

A remarkable property of the Epsom salt is that is easily absorbed into the body where it will undertake many healthy functions to get rid of harmful toxins that will hamper the normal functions in our system.

The amazing properties of the Epsom salts can be attributed to its components, magnesium and sulfates. Magnesium is useful for many functions that will include the improvement of muscle function in every part of the body, improvement of our nerve functions, effective anti-inflammatory properties, and improved blood flow to every part of the body. The sulfates support the rejuvenation of the skin, joints, and the delicate tissues that make up the nerves. These compounds are useful in the body and they need to be replaced when the quantities have been used up because they are not produced by the body. The Epsom salts are a good source of these two important compounds.

Many research studies have proven that Epsom baths have positive effects in alleviating a wide range of medical challenges including athletes foots, sprains, gout, bruises, and muscle pains. For people suffering from chronic pains, the healing effects of Epsom baths are almost magical. There are limitations in its use, people who have burns or open wounds should avoid bathing with this salt, pregnant women and patients suffering from cardiovascular health challenges should also avoid bathing with Epsom salt.

Making your Epsom salt bath:

The preparation for a bath with this salt is very easy. For the bath to be effective, it will last at least 40 minutes. The break down is 2o minutes to allow the harmful toxins to be removed and another 20 minutes to allow the minerals contained to be properly absorbed into the body. Fill up your bath with water free from chlorine, fluorides or heavy metals. A good filtration system in your plumbing will remove these unwanted compounds. The following guide will indicate how much Epsom salt you should add to the water to make the bath-

  • Children under 60 lbs.: Add 1/2 cup of salts to a standard size bath
  • People between 60-100 lbs.: Add 1 cup of salts to a standard size bath
  • People between 100-150 lbs.: Add 1 1/2 cup of salts to a standard size bath
  • People between 150-200 lbs.: Add 2 cups of salts to a standard size bath
  • For every person who weighs 50lbs larger – add in an additional 1/2 cup of salts

You should also consider the following tips-

Adding olive oil to your Epsom bath will bring added benefits due to the amazing properties of olive oil that will promote the removal of harmful toxins from the action of its main component- polyphenols. The recommended measurement for olive oil is half a cup

The benefits of your Epsom bath can be enhanced by the addition of ginger and cayenne pepper; this will heat up the bath to stimulate the removal of unwanted toxins. The measurement to be added is a half cup of the ginger or cayenne pepper.

Avoid the use of your regular soap during this bath as it while hinder the actions of the Epsom salt.

After your bath, it is advised that you should relax for about one hour. If you suffer from arthritis then you should stay active after your bath.

Dear readers, we know you have understood the useful properties of the Epsom salt. It is among many easy remedies for health challenges we face. Please share this information with your family and friends, don’t forget to let us know how good it was for you in our comment section too. Stay healthy.

Source: Just Natural Medicine