It has been proven scientifically that consumption of organic wholesome food such as organic fruits and vegetables help in keeping you protected from cancer. Consumption of organic whole some foods mainly leads to cutting down of the sugar in your meal and providing you a nutritious diet. People, often in order to save some time, feed on fast food that is easy to get and also cheap. This can be a challenge for such people to leave such fast and cheap food and move towards the organic food in order to stay healthy.

But people who already have reached that stage of cancer may find it difficult to get cured even through this remedy. If someone is suffering from stage 4 of colon cancer or related, then the chances of survival reduces even with the consumption of such organic food. Cancer not only leads to death but the journey itself is a big challenge of survival. So, it is better to take preventive actions before hand to stay away from the disease or start it when the patient is in the initial stages of the disease.

One of the options is the grape seeds that contain antioxidants that are known as proanthocyanidins. It is said that the antioxidants value of proanthocyanidins is much higher than vitamins E and vitamins C, hence grape seeds are best for anti – cancer benefits.

Not only antioxidants, but grape seeds also contain many other values such as flavonoids, Vitamin E and linoleic acid that help in preventing cancer. Along with keeping you safe from the cancerous cells, the nutritional values of grape seeds are also helpful in keeping you safe from cholesterol and cardiovascular issues.

Researchers have proved that grape seeds help in a number of ways such as:

  • Reduces the chances of tumor and also reduces the size of existing tumor in the body.
  • It has been researched on mice that grape seed protects the skin papillomas from being turned into carcinomas.
  • Grape seed is known to inhibit colon lesion when it was tested on rats.
  • Of course, it has been proved that grape seeds can kills many of the prostate cancer cells.

Even the medical magazine ‘Plos One’ has published recently that grape seeds are extremely helpful in preventing and also fighting cancer. It is so much effective that it can be taken as a part of chemotherapy. Cases of colon cancer are commonly found in America and grape seeds are proven to reduce pain and side effects of chemotherapy.

Researchers have now proved that grape seeds, when added with chemotherapy, increase the chances of killing the cancer cells without damaging the intestine. Greeks and Egyptians have been consuming grapes and also wines since several years due to its various health benefits. Extracts of grape seeds are available on amazon easily at a cheaper price. Depending upon the cancer stage that you are having, the dosage can taken from 50mg to 500mg per day along with the process of chemotherapy.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free