Most women suffer from cellulite fat. It springs up on any part of the body and just doesn’t go. To make matters worse, it comes at any time, or age. Even your weight doesn’t matter.

There is no place in the body where it looks good. And it is too stubborn to go off on its own.

One way to get rid of it is by doing exercise. You will practically force the cellulite out of your body. Starving is not an option. You may lose weight and think that the cellulite has gone, but it will come back soon. It is not healthy and thus is not advisable to starve yourself.

There is an easy way to get rid of it. There are many things being said on the internet, but obviously all of them cannot be believed. Every woman has a different body and what works for one cannot work on the other.

There is an ingredient though which can help out. That is caffeine! Caffeine helps is reducing the cellulite fat and you will be able to look thin and smart soon.

Try out this paste made of coffee. It consists of only three ingredients.


  • ground coffee, caffeinated- one cup
  • olive oil- one cup
  • sugar- one cup

Blend all these ingredients until you get a smooth paste and store it in a cool, dry place.

Next, clean the area of application nicely and apply the paste while gently rubbing in smooth circles. Continue the massaging for a few minutes and then scrub it off. Do this for a few weeks and you will see amazing results.

The use of each ingredient:

  • Caffeine: It has anti-oxidants and exfoliates. Has a great aroma. It also improves blood flow by tightening the blood vessels.
  • Sugar: It is also a great exfoliate. Helps while scrubbing.
  • Olive oil: It keeps your skin hydrated. It also helps in the uptake of caffeine.

Use this magic recipe and pass it on to your friends as well!

Source: Mama Bee