It is well know that poor eating habits lead to various diseases including some as critical as cancer. Fast foods are the biggest contributors to this poor diet. Researches and dieticians across the world have been condemning the effects of fast food on our health. And yet it remains popular with people, mainly due to the fact that it is easily available, cheap and tasty. But fast foods have a negative effect on your health and could even lead to cancer.

Hot Dogs are one such a fast food, which has been immensely popular with the masses for a few decades, ever since they had been introduced by German Immigrants to America. But a new research now shows that consumption of hot dogs could cause four types of cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that all pre-processed meat, including red meat, can cause cancer.

Hot dogs are a mixture of pork, chicken and beef. They are ground together and mixed into a paste and additives like salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates and corn syrup are loaded to this mixture to add more taste. The worst part is that some manufacturers use leftovers from pork chops or steak or animal parts like head, feet, skins and fatty tissues so that they can save costs. Most of the additives that are included to prepare hot dogs are labelled as cancer causing agents.

The negative effects on health due to hot dog consumption are very high. In fact, the risk from hot dogs is ranked as high as the risk from smoking by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Nitrosamines are created by the binding of nitrates & nitrites to the animal meat, due to high heat. Nitrosamines have been linked with bladder, pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research have stated that people who consume hot dogs have 21% Increased chances of contracting colorectal cancer.

If you don’t believe us, this video will show you how hot dogs are made: