Walking is one of the easiest forms to carry out. If you do walking, you could reduce one pound or more per week. By doing walking, you can lower over 20 pounds with walking in five months. You need to visit a gym or undergoing specific diets.

You can make your health better and you can shape up muscles. The following is very useful and everyone loves to carry out the principles of walking in order to lose weight

How to Lose Weight by Walking

Losing weight by walking depends on two factors: your body weight and walking place. You will burn 400 calories in one hour if you are walking with average speed of 4 miles per hour.

So, you do not need to walk only 4 miles in one day. You can walk shorter distances, but you need to follow your schedule. Pedometer will help you to burn more calories while walking and implementing your daily plan.

Pedometers and Weight Loss

You should buy a pedometer or wrist brand that helps you to monitor your daily exercises, if you want to reduce your weight with walking. This will help you to boost your chances to achieve desired results.

Pedometer is a helpful and useful accessory and you have to wear it close to your hip section. It has many properties and does not weight much. One of the best properties of pedometer is, it will tell you to follow steps during the day.

You will know how many miles per day in order to burn additional calories through this device. If you want to make longer steps or distance through the day, it will help you to make a notice in the number on the scale.

For example, if you are having 8,000 steps in your daily routine and still maintain the body weight, the number of steps that you should add in your daily routine is only a mathematical problem. Add your mileage as per the amount of calories you need to burn.

How Many Steps to Take to Lose Weight?

In order to burn calories and lose weight, most of the people need to have 2000 steps in one mile. You can burn 100 calories in one mile.

Pedometer will monitor your steps, how many calories are burnt and how many miles you walked on that day. Some extra working out is necessary, you need to add more steps in your daily routine.

1 Mile = 2.000 steps and 100 calories burned
1 Pound – 3.500 calories
Losing 1 Pound of weight weekly = 500 calories daily

You need to have 10,000 steps on a daily basis to reduce 1 pound in a week.

Here are some tips how to adapt your walking when you have a busy schedule. If 10.000 steps seem too much walking (you can start slowly and lose less weight and then increase the number of steps to 10.000).

  • Prefer walking to your home or work. Do not prefer the bus always to reach your destination.
  • Always walk for few miles.
  • Never use elevator, instead prefer take the stairs.
  • Walk with your children to school.

You can check the number of pounds you reduced or how many calories you have burned through pedometer. It will give you a clear picture of what you have achieved with your walks.

You should find a nice and quality pedometer if you can afford it. You can record each and every step you had and each calorie you burned. The American Medical Association recommends using of pedometer for better weight control and more efficient weight loss.

How to Keep it Interesting

It will be a very boring routine, if you use the same track every day. Change the track and your habits often.

Change your places, walk in different places, parks, neighbour hoods or listen the music you like. It will help you to give more energy and motivates you to finish.

During the winter, you might get obstacles to walk. You can buy a treadmill and watch your favourite TV show or movie while walking.

Invite your friend or someone to give you company while walking. They will help you inspiring new things in your daily walking routine. Same walking routine could be very boring, even if you have strong will.

In order to make it interesting, change your routines and make it exciting with new activities.

Walking Style

Everyone is aware of walking but many people have less desire for walking because of the habits or routines they have developed throughout the years.

If you plan to walk for exercise you should focus your eyes 100 feet forward, hold your chin up, squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdomen in the same direction with your spine. This way you will have best possible results from your walking.

How Often Should You Walk?

If you want to begin daily walking routine, you have to consult a doctor for an advice. He/she will guide you, if you are healthy enough to stand or perform this activity.

At first, you need to walk three days per week for 15-20 minutes. Then, increase step by step, you have to raise the walking routine until you walk 30-60 minutes every day of the week.

You will find that this is the easiest and the best way to reduce your weight without any particular diet regime.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network