Headache, one of the most common health issues, often is not given much importance, can be a cause of serious worry depending on its place or type of occurrence. Many people get sharp headaches just within a couple of seconds as this type of headaches occur all of a sudden and without any definite cause. In some cases, headaches if left untreated can become a threat for your life, as it can be an indication of internal bleeding that occurs after the bursting of blood vessels in the brain. Special care should be given to morning headache, as it might be an indication of high blood pressure, apnea or brain tumor and may require immediate medical assistance. Doctor’s attention should also be sought if anyone is experiencing neck irritability, tension, mood swings or blur vision. Headaches generally different depending on the pain location and should be treated with due care.

To help understanding types of headache and their possible risks, some of them have been described below:

  1. Headache that is just concentrated in one side of your head- This type of headache becomes unbearable and may last even for 72 hours, yet it is not quite dangerous. In most of the cases, it is an indication of migraine, especially when you get nausea or hypersensitivity to light and sound. Migraine pain can also be recognized with its intensity as it becomes moderate to severe gradually. If you are experiencing migraine pain, it will be ideal for you to take some rest in a dark room. Also make sure to take some medicines for relieving the pain as soon as it occurs.
  2. Forehead pain- Generally caused due to sinusitis, this type of pain is mostly felt around the cheekbones. Inhaling steam is one of the best remedies for this type of pain and does not require immediate medical attention.
  3. Tightening feeling on head- The pain intensity increases gradually, yet it does not become severe. People who suffer from this type of headache often feel a hooping press on their head as this mostly occurs from stress. If you experience this type of headache, it will be ideal for you to take some rest, preferably a nap.
  4. Pain restricted to one side of the face and swollen eye lid- This type of headache can be quite disturbing as it may last from one fortnight to a month’s span. Also known as the Cluster headache, it is generally restricted within a few months of a year. The headache generally occurs at intervals of a year or so. Once the headache starts, it recurs everyday on the same time, be it night or afternoon or morning and generally lasts for a maximum of three hours. It can allow affect on one side of your face and eyes as it may become swollen. Though it is advised to take rest when you are getting headache, in this case, it is ideal to move rather than remain in a still position. Also note, men experience this type of headache more than women.
  5. Headache that is just concentrated on the backside- Though it can affect anyone, it is mostly seen in people, who have to sit for a prolong period of time. As the pain occurs due to problems in spine, neck and waist, it mostly affects crown and neck portion of people. Painkillers can be taken during intense pain; else one can just go for a walk or stretch to relieve the pain.
  6. Pain in temple- Tense or serious headache affecting the temple, face and ears mostly occurs when someone is experiencing some problems in the joints. There is no need to visit a doctor if the pain is relieved within a couple of hours. Yet, in case you hear a clicking sound while opening the jaw or experience any difficulty while closing or opening the mouth, consulting a doctor is recommended.