Prostate problem is experienced by almost every men above the age of 45 years. The problems can vary from one to one but the natural remedy discussed here is sure to heal all of them. Hoary willow herb or the Epilobium parviflorum, the herb, which lost its importance in the era of antibiotic medicines is now coming back to the forefront for its miraculous effects on prostate. To treat prostate problems, one can now obtain this from any herbal pharmacy.

Just take a teaspoon of fresh or dried herb and put it in around 2 ounces of water. Boil it and leave the tea without disturbing for around five or ten minutes. Now, remove the herbs and drink it. Drink the tea twice a day. Once at morning in empty stomach and again before bedtime at night. Repeat the process for a few weeks and find the signs of improvement.

People who have used the tea have reported cure of inflammation not only in the prostate but also in the bladder. The tea also helps in curing urine problem caused from prostate, blood in urine, bladder pain and discomfort or kidney cancer. The tea is also useful in treating bladder cancer as well as prostate cancer. Owing to its wide range of benefits, hoary willow herb tea has found its place not only in herbal pharmacies but also in several languages, cultures and continents.