Despite the fact it is considered to be one of the unhealthiest foods that could ever enter our body, lots of people, especially kids eat hot dogs in enormous amount. Modern generations often have it as breakfast, which is very bad idea to fulfill your empty stomach with hot dog in the morning.

“If you consume only one hot dog daily, chances for colorectal cancer or the danger for getting one can be increased by 21%” – declared the researchers for cancer. There is a possibility of getting even leukemia by consuming more than 1 daily. Sometimes kids eat from 5 till 12 in a month.

One of the main ingredients that can be found in these so called foods are: skin, animal remain, fatty tissues and animal feet.

When they are warmed, nitrates and nitrites in meat consolidate with amines and make nitrosamines which are cancer – causing agents and cancer – causing agents are compounds which can cause tumor in living tissue. This fact is medically proved.

This food is a mixture of few substances that are causing different infections and malignancy. They are chemically tagged ones and known as sodium lactate, dextrose, sodium nitrite, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium ascorbate, mechanically separated chicken, port, mechanically separated turkey, less than 2% salt, flavor and corn syrup.

Also, it is not just the fatty tissues that are actually consisted inside the hot dogs, one study provided that rat legs, disposable blades, metal section were present in one tested subject of hot dog.

Live a healthy life. Think twice about the food you consume daily. Read more and think better.

This article was originally published on: My Healthy Natural Remedies