A lot of women like to use nail polish for the good looks. This is while ignoring the side effects of painting such harmful chemicals on your body. As a general rule, being a “sticky and synthetic product”, expect horrible effects on your health just a few hours after putting them on.

Even the best health freaks cannot avoid such problems. Regardless of how hygienic you are, you will find this problem in all brands, regardless of location.

The negative effects of nail polish.

Nail polish contains heavy toxins that poison your body. Research has shown that almost 100% of women who put nail polish on regularly, had such toxins absorbed into their bodies! This means that you are slowly poisoning yourself to death for beauty!

Not only that, but 10 hours after adding the nail polish, the toxic chemical triphenyl-phosphate will be absorbed into your body. This product, while it listed on most nail polish products, has been found to not be listed on others. In total, it was found that 20% of American brands do not list triphenyl-phosphate in their ingredient list.

Nail polish also includes formaldehyde, which is responsible for hardening the nail polish, and making the color more concentrated. Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical, where one of the problems using it include eye and airways irritation, nausea, and skin issues. Additionally, formaldehyde is a carcinogenic toxin.

So what are the alternatives to nail polish?

Do not worry, for you can still pain your fingers without worrying about health side effects. Some products include Acquarella, which is water-based and does not contain any of the products previously mentioned. It is also mercury free, which is a fatal metal.

You can also try out Honeybee Garden, which is similar to Acquerella in its positive effects. There is an avoidance of harmful chemicals, especially those that have carcinogenic side effects.

Finally, 2 other chemicals to try include SpaRitual, and Peacekeeper Cause-Metics.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living