For a number of us, coffee happens to be more than a drink: it’s a fundamental part of our wake-up custom, something we can’t manage without. Regardless of whether you appreciate the peace and quiet of an early morning or eating with family, companions, or business accomplices, having some hot fragrant coffee is dependably a smart thing to do.

We at Bright Side have chosen to investigate what happens to our body several hours after having coffee. Be prepared— some of what we found is really bewildering.

After drinking a coffee:

After ten minutes

The caffeine present in coffee enters into your bloodstream.

Blood pressure and heart rate begins to rise.

After twenty minutes

You begin to feel focused and alert.

It becomes easier to handle problems and take decisions.

Also, the caffeine connects to the adenosine receptors in the brain and makes you feel energetic.

After thirty minutes

More adrenaline is produced. The pupils in the eye get dilated and vision becomes sharper.

After forty minutes

Serotonin levels in your body start to rise. Muscle strength increases as motor neurons functioning improves.

After four hours

Coffee increases the rate of energy released by the cell. As a result, even if you do not move, the body begins to break down the fats.

Coffee increases stomach acid production.