The Vaseline jar is a common product found in many homes. It is usually kept in our private closets in the bedroom. The most common application of Vaseline is for dry and cracked lips, nasal congestion, diaper rash and dry skin. The common use of Vaseline is proof that many people are unaware of its harmful effects.

We will first discuss the main component of Vaseline- petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the products obtained from the refining of crude oil. The first discovery of this product was as a slimy coating found at the base of the oil rigs. This happened in the mid-1800s. It is characteristically unfriendly to the eco system because of its origins.

How is it used?

The ability of this petroleum jelly to create a protective layer above the skin is the most common reason why it has been developed as a lotion for babies and adults. The protective barrier created over the skin is believed to improve water retention that will keep the skin moisturized. The consequence of using this product unknown to many people is that it blocks the skin pores thereby trapping harmful bacteria and dirt. People have used Vaseline with sunburn creams; this can lead to severe burns caused when the heat is retained within the skin molecules, an effect of the Vaseline used. We have compiled four reasons why you need to stop using Vaseline now-

  1. The presence of dangerous forms of hydrocarbons.

The skin is subjected to the harsh consequences of using petroleum jelly until it is washed off. The presence of hydrocarbons which are known to be highly carcinogenic is another reason to stop using the petroleum jelly as a body lotion.

  1. It causes the breakdown of collagen

The skin loses its collagen constituent when the petroleum jelly block it from receiving sunlight and other nutrients necessary to create a healthy balance for proper growth. The skin has to utilize the nutrient from within; this source of nutrients can easily be depleted.

  1. An increased presence of estrogen

Estrogen is a compound that influences the fertility of an individual depending on the magnitude it in the human system. It is believed that the use of petroleum jelly which contains chemical compounds called xenoestrogens will increase the volume of estrogen in your body. Estrogen is also responsible for other discomforting ailments like menstrual cramps, allergies and weakened immune system.

  1. It can lead to pneumonia infection

The chemical composition of petroleum jelly can cause the onset of pneumonia when it is inhaled into the lungs. It will accumulate in the insides because the body will not be able to naturally get rid of the petroleum jelly.

Better alternatives to Vaseline

There are very good alternatives to using Vaseline on your body. These alternatives have no harmful effect on your health and they are safe for little children.

   Shea butter – Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A, E and F. it provides nourishment for the skin from the healthy composition of beneficial fatty acids it contains. It is also good for treating inflammations and creating a good balance of the nutrients in this skin that will help it look good.

Beeswax – This is another highly recommended alternative for Vaseline. Beeswax is commonly mixed with the regular beauty cosmetics to provide an addition protection for the skin. It will serve all the purposes for which you might need to use Vaseline.

Coconut Oil – the coconut oil has been extensively studied and the reports have indicated that it is packed with numerous health benefits that will protect and nourish your skin.

Cocoa Butter – this product is recommend as an alternative to Vaseline because it contains antioxidants and highly useful fatty acids. It will keep your skin looking fresh with a remarkable glow.

Source: David Wolfe