A stroke attack can be a life threatening situation that can happen to us or a loved one without warning. There are a couple of things we can do when somebody close to us is having a stroke, the first one is to call 911. However, there is a very simple trick which could be the difference between life and death before the paramedics arrive. After reading this piece and learning this little trick, you’ll discover that it has never been more important to carry a needle around in your pocket.


A stroke usually causes a tear in the brain capillaries which leads to a disruption in the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain resulting in the loss of brain cells. At this point the sufferer’s condition is critical and only urgent intervention can prevent a loss of life or a disability. But who can give the required urgent attention before the medics arrive? You can, and this is how you’d go about it.


The first thing to do is call 911 immediately, and don’t move the victim of the stroke attack. Get a needle; a regular needle will do if you can’t find a medical needle. Make sure that the needle is sterilized before use and as quickly as you can pierce all ten fingers at the tip, near the nails. The blood should start flowing from the fingers and the victim should regain consciousness. If there is no blood after piercing, give the fingers a good squeeze and the blood should flow out with the victim regaining consciousness. Then wait for the medics to arrive.


If you notice that the victim has a crooked mouth, massage their ears until they are red. Doing that improves blood flow to the region. Then pierce the softest area of their earlobes twice until there are two drops of blood. The victim’s mouth should come back to normal and the crisis is over. The medics should take over from there when they arrive.


Your quick thinking and a knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation may just save someone’s life. Please share this piece with your friends and loved ones.