Many of you may have pet dogs and must have encountered one of the most common habits of dogs of licking your face. But maybe you do not know that this can cause a number of health issues for you.

There is an old myth that the dog’s mouth is much cleaner than the humans. But in reality it is not and there are a number of reasons to prove this. One of the major reasons is that dogs have a habit of feeding on garbage and even poops. Secondly, of course, they do not brush their teeth. This means that there can be an numbers of bacteria surviving in your dogs’ mouth. When you allow your dog to lick your face, they transfer these bacteria on your skin too. There are till now a number of cases where dog owners have got contaminated of various diseases due to this face licking habit of their dogs. In the year 2013, a 10 years old child was infected by the disease TBC in the same manner. The boy got recovered but unfortunately the dog had a sad ending.

Dog’s saliva also has Porfiromonas that is responsible for gum diseases in dog. If this pathogen is transferred from your dog to you, you can suffer from gingivitis. Also if your dog licks your wound, you can end up getting infection.

Also of course, you should understand that your dog sniffs at every alternate thing whether it is good or bad. It is not about throwing away your pet dog after reading this article. But the main concept is to stay away from the licking habit of your dog to avoid the problems.