If you often happens that you catch a cramp in the leg muscles, you should do something about it. Here’s what:

Do you suffer from leg cramps? If this plague wakes you from sleep or interfere with your daily activities, try to solve the problem using these tips. Here are three ways to get rid of pain in the muscles.

Foods rich in potassium

One of the most common causes for muscle spasms is the lack of potassium in the body. In order to balance the levels of this important mineral, eat foods rich in these important nutrients, such as bananas and potatoes. You can supply potassium and if you regularly drink warm water to which you add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of homemade honey.


To spasms in the muscles may occur due to lack of movement, and several hours of sitting or lying in the same position. The most logical response to this type of colic is physical activity. Remember that you do some physical activity, walk, and when you’re chained to a desk – get up every twenty minutes, stretch and continue with the job.

Warm Compresses

When you cramp up, press the center of the painful place for a period of about 15 seconds, relax the muscles and repeat until the pain has been eased. You can always try using a warm compress, or warm bath that will relax all the muscles.