Potatoes have been studied and used against diseases for a long time. Still, it is a common belief that potatoes should not be eaten raw. The fact is that immature, green potatoes are dangerous for consumption due to a toxin called solanine, which is found in potato sprouts and in green parts of it. However, organic, skin healthy potatoes are tremendously healthy to be eaten raw, and it is even recommended to eat them unpeeled.

Potato Juice as a remedy

The most common use of potato juice is to treat gastritis, as it is thought to be its natural remedy. People with gastritis are advised to take one tablespoon of potato juice mixed with water half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those with gastric ulcer should drink 50 milliliters of potato juice on an empty stomach and 50 milliliters half an hour before lunch and dinner every day. For blood sugar and lung disease patients, a daily intake is recommended.

Buddhist monks claim that consuming 2 deciliters of potato juice daily can aid in curing cancer and other illnesses. Its effectiveness in subduing cancer is gradually being proven in scientific research. Scientist in Japan managed to isolate a substance in potato which showed to be effective in preventing the growth of tumor cells in mice.  Potato juice is also used as part of the well-known Breuss cancer therapy.

Lately, potatoes have been gaining a lot attention as an effective substance in battling all types of diseases, such as: liver and kidney diseases, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, lumbago, rheumatic problems, etc. Furthermore, drinking raw potato juice works well in strengthening the immune system and it helps alleviate frequent headache and menstrual pains.

Benefits of Potato Juice

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help with arthritis, joint pain and back pain by increasing circulation in every area of the body.
  • It lowers cholesterol and removes the uric acid from the body.
  • It prevents formation of calcium stones and is helps in treating pancreatitis and kidney disease.
  • It’s fantastic for eczema and acne – clears your skin in no time!
  • It’s packed with vitamins – A, C, B’s, and phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zeaxanthin, fiber, and protein.
  • It detoxes and can help you lose weight.

Preparing Potato Juice

potato-juice (1)

Begin by washing the potatoes and removing any green spots. Slice them into small pieces, place them on a linen cloth and strain the potato juice. You can also use a juicer, instead. Drink fresh! To enhance the taste, mix in honey and fruits or vegetables of your choice, for example an apple, carrot or lemon juice.

Foto: kimberlysnyder.com