Everyone is aware of the fact that castor oil possesses numerous potential uses, from defying age and enhancing our looks to enhancing our organism.

Originated from India, castor oil contains fatty acid, especially ricinoleic acid. Castor oil gets its powerful and amazing properties from this acid.

Castor oil serves a lot of amazing purposes ranging from growing the eyelashes and eyebrows, to hydration of the skin. It is used to relieve  constipation, serves an antiviral, antibacterial and can also be used as a natural laxative. But for the purpose of this post, we will be looking at how castor oil can be used to cure arthritis, backache and sciatica.

Forget these pains thanks to castor oil.

Despite its amazing  multiple advantages, it is important that you are aware of its side effects if wrongly used. Care must be taken to avoid toxic damages.

Castor oil have long been popular from time past. It has been used from home purposes (treating various forms of health issues) to industrial purposes (textile, rubber and even painting).

Medically, it is useful for so many things. It relieves gastrointestinal disorder when it is consumed, and it enhances the immune system. It serves as analgesic and anti-inflammatory courtesy of its sedating properties, also used as an antiviral because of its antibacterial properties.

A very popular product in the cosmetic industry, because of its potential to cure all kinds of skin problems such as dermatosis and ketosis.

Also useful in hiding scars caused by acne, insect bites and wounds and also fights sebaceous cyst and warts.

It is used to relieve pain when applied on the affected part. It relieves arthritis pain, backaches and Sciatica.

Recent study shows that it might be an effective cure for cancer, Parkinson’s disease and some hepatic diseases when combineds with some antibodies. Although this has not been confirmed yet.