In our present era, coke has been one of the most popular beverages. Everyone from different age groups loves this drink, which is commonly considered as harmless. But very few are aware of the serious health risks of drinking coke on regular basis. Dr. West Conner describes the negative impacts of coke on our body.

Firstly a can of coke has more than ten teaspoons of sugar. This is more than the daily recommended sugar allowance defined by the FDA. Moreover it contains phosphorous, which improves its taste. These high sugar and phosphorous levels affect our body in the first ten minutes of consumption.

Then this unusually high sugar content gets converted instantly, which causes a sharp increase in the glucose and insulin levels in the first twenty minutes. After forty minutes from drinking coke, the adenosine brain receptors are blocked, so this makes sure you don’t feel fatigued. The caffeine in the drink is absorbed in the body completely and this in turn increases the blood circulation.

After forty five minutes dopamine secretion is increased in the body, which gives you a relaxed feeling. Unfortunately this hormone produces similar effects to heroin. By an hour from consuming the drink, digestion is boosted, as phosphorous acid bonds calcium, magnesium and zinc. This compound interacts with the excessively high sugar levels that are present in the body. This restricts calcium secretion through urine.

After an hour, caffeine’s diuretic properties begins its work and all the vital minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc are all excreted in the form of urine. These minerals are extremely critical to the strengthening of our bones, which become deprived of these minerals as they don’t reach the bones.

Just a while after an hour, there is a sharp drop in sugar levels, which is known as sugar crush. This causes a drop in energy levels, causes lethargy and mood swings. Due to its diuretic properties it causes an unnecessary loss in essential mineral and water. These minerals are required for strengthening of bones and teeth and it is also well known that water is essential for all bodily functions including digestion. Worst of all there is an increased chance of contracting diabetes due to the regular consumption of coke.

Source: Health Tips Portal