It is well known that stomach fat is the most difficult to lose. It becomes more difficult if you are overweight or have been through a pregnancy. It is now possible to lose that fat with some changes in your diet.

Why is it important?

Weight loss depends upon two things. 90% of it depends on your kitchen and only 10% depends on your gym. That is, what you eat and the type of body you have will decide if you can have a flat belly. For a healthy stomach, exercise is also crucial.

The recipe:

This drink is easy to make and hardly takes any time. You can achieve your dream of a flat belly. Once you being drinking this and start losing weight, you will be motivated further to make more changes to your diet and exercise. In all, a little success in the beginning pushes you for more.

  1. Take a few parsley leaves. Blend them well in a blender.
  2. Take a full lemon and squeeze it into the parsley that you have blended already.
  3. Add some water. About half a cup would be sufficient. Blend again.

This mixture enhances your metabolism. Lemon burns the fat and parsley provides the vitamins that are needed for a good and healthy digestion.

Drink this for 5 days early morning. Give a gap for 10 days before you start again. Repeat the process only if necessary.

Other drinks:

It is not advisable to drink parsley juice every day. Thus, we are giving you some information of other natural and healthy drinks that you can try. Replace the processed juices and sodas that you consume regularly with these healthy drinks. They are easy to make.

Green tea

Drinking fresh green tea can reduce your stomach fat. You can add some ice to it. If you like it sweet, add honey as well.

Flavored water

If you want to improve the taste of the water you drink, add some fruits and vegetable to it. Add them t o cold water. In this way, you can consume your daily intake of water with improved taste.

Watermelon smoothie

Blend grated watermelon, yogurt and ice and drink it. This is one of the best fruits to consume since it has high amount of water.

The parsley juice will give you the boost to start losing fat. Continue it with the other drinks. Be patient and work hard. You will see the results soon.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes