Lemons are great citrus fruits, which are packed in Vitamin C. They improve your skin, improve functioning of the blood vessels, prevent the formation of kidney stones and also reduce fluid retention. The benefits of having fresh lemons are plenty, which is why you should keep them fresh, and this is how you should do it!

Quick and easy trick!

If you really want to keep your lemons fresh for a month, you will have to keep them in a zip bag or even sealed plastic bags. Although we would never recommend you to keep lemons inside the fridge as they are certainly not recommended.  By freezing lemons you will make them prone to quicker aging. Plus the process of respiration will stop much faster in the process and your lemons will turn bland and sour within minutes. In order to balance your lemons the right way, we would recommend you to balance both cold temperature and oxygen exposure and in that way it will stay fresh for weeks.

So how many of you knew about this trick before? We bet none of you did! You can always try the idea and share with all your friends. Everyone will be benefitted from it.

Source: familylifegoals.com

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