Menstrual cramps and pain is highly discomforting to women. It can deter their work life and social life as well. Here is a simple method that can help in easing the pain caused in the muscles. Additionally it can also be used to treat minor ailments such as flu, cough, colds and other ailments.

The procedure is very simple and requires very little time or materials. Use a cotton ball to soak some alcohol (with 50% concentration). Now squeeze the cotton ball well so that all the excess alcohol is drained out. Place this cotton ball in your navel and strap it on using a bandage or tape. It should be left to the belly button for a few hours.

This is a technique that has been used for several centuries in folk medicines and has proven very effective in treating muscle soreness and cold. It also helps to relax your body & de-stress.

This treatment method is especially helpful for children due to their tendency to fall sick with minor ailments on a frequent basis. Instead of exposing them to conventional medicines, which have side effects on a long terms basis, it is advisable that such alternative medicines are prescribed.

Minor stomach ailments such as stomach pain can be relieved by just adding some salt to the cotton ball.

Menstrual pain also subsides when this procedure is performed. Once the cotton ball is placed on your belly button, you can lie down and let this stay for hours. After a while you will feel very relieved and your muscles will relax.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home