How do you sleep at night? Do you sleep on your back or side or stomach? Most of you are concerned about getting a sound sleep at night but there are few who knows that sleeping position can actually affect your brain health, well-being as well as personality. The Journal of Neuroscience in a recently published study stated that sleeping on sides is the best way to flush out maximum waste products from the body. As the brain discards the maximum amount of waste when sleeping on sides, the risks of getting any neurological disease or Alzheimer’s gets reduced significantly.

Why sleeping on sides are good?

It has been found that the risks of plaque buildup in the brain reduces significantly as the brain can work more effectively while sleeping on sides. The authors who conducted the study said that they made complete investigation of the body posture while sleeping in some anesthetized rodents. They even said, “The major finding of our study was that waste, including [amyloid beta], removal was most efficient in the lateral position (compared with the prone position), which mimics the natural resting/sleeping position of rodents.” Not only this study, majority of the doctors believe that sleeping on side or back is good for health, as the neck and spine are properly supported. This sleeping position also helps in preventing injury in future.

The Most preferred sleeping posture

A study conducted in 2007 by the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice stated that majority of people preferred to sleep on side compared to stomach or back. It was also stated that people, who slept on their sides woke up lesser at night compared to those who slept at back or stomach. Another study published in the Journal of Neuroscience stated that amyloid beta, which is often considered as a factor leading to Alzheimer’s disease or other degenerative neurological disorder like dementia can be reduced by sleeping on sides. Dr.Mailen Nedergaard, who penned the study found it quite interesting to know that sleeping posture of humans can affect their well being.

Dr.Nedergaard said, “It is interesting that the lateral sleep position is already the most popular in humans and most animals – even in the wild – and it appears that we have adapted the lateral sleep position to most efficiently clear our brain of the metabolic waste products that build up while we are awake,”

A study published in the year 2013, in the Science journal said that sleep is very important for any human as it helps in flushing out the toxic chemicals that is created during the waking hours. Many of you may like to know that sleep plays a great role in determining the health as well as diseases from which people suffer. The report even mentioned that several neurological disorders could be treated or prevented by focusing on the functioning of the glymphatic system. The authors said that the functioning of the glymphatic system depends on how the brain gets it activated. Therefore, it is always better to sleep on sides and get a sound sleep.

Source: Top Healthy Life