A lot of vegetables are healthy for your body, yet they tend to lack in the nutrient quantity required to nourish you. This has forced people over time to resort to nutritional pharmaceuticals (supplements).

Of course, this does not mean that all vegetables lack high quantities of nutrients. There are some vegetables out there that have what you need!

One of those vegetables would be beets.

One of the healthiest vegetables available.

Beets are quite healthy, due to the medical characteristics that can relieve symptoms and diseases for many people.

For example, the red color of beets is a result of anthocyanin which allow anti-carcinogenic characteristics! Additionally, beets contain anti-inflammatory properties as a result of high levels of betaine. This makes the vegetable perfect for those with high risks of inflammation and tumors!

A plethora of vitamins can be found in beets. Some of those would be B1, B2, and Vitamin C. In addition to nourishing your body, all of the previous nutrients help improve your immunity system. Beets are also high in Potassium, with properties that allow the reduction of heart diseases. Reduction of heart strokes is vital in our age, especially when you consider the high levels of stress sourced from our environment.

Beets can also improve your digestive capacities. For example, the vegetable is known as a way to eliminate anemia due to the high levels of iron available. Thus, beets are a perfect meal addition to vegans suffering from anemic symptoms (due to obvious non-use of meat).

Beets can also decrease the speed that your body ages by. Eat beets often, and you may find yourself 20 years younger in the long-run.

Proper consumption of beets.

Beets may be used as juiced, cooked, raw, baked, whatever you wish. Preferably, in order to preserve the greatest amounts of nutrients possible, we would recommend you keep them raw. Additionally, if you want to stack the nutritional effects in a single gulp, then you can go for juicing.

Source: Natural Healing Magazine