Thousands of people are dying every year due to cancer. The disease has not only been confirmed as fatal but also one of those rare conditions where there is no hope for cure. New research states that most adults who lack Vitamin D in their diet are prone to becoming cancer patients in the future as compared to others. Let’s read more about this to find out!

Vitamin D protects your body from several dangers such as diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. In short, it influences our health in several ways and is very much crucial to our health.

According to several studies conducted by experts like Joan Lappe and Robert Heaney, women who took more Vitamin D supplements protected themselves from developing cancer and other diseases. The risk of developing was also reduced by around 77% by four years. Though there wasn’t evidence regarding the research, it still won’t be wrong in saying that it can prevent cancer. It helps the cardiovascular system function better, improves bone health and boost the absorption of calcium.

What happens when your body lacks Vitamin D?

When your body runs out of Vitamin D, this is what you will experience:

  1. Weakness in the muscle area
  2. Vision problems
  3. Chronic body pain
  4. Asthma and other breathing diseases among children
  5. Sweating heavily which occurs without any physical activity or high temperature.
  6. Depression: Research states that Vitamin D deficiency makes you more prone to depression. It reduces the release of serotonin which is also known as the happy hormone and that ends up affecting your mood.

New discoveries have stated that vitamin D is needed among both infants and adults although the amount varies. Infants should have 1000 IU while those with the age of 1-70 should have 600 IU.

Source: Healthy Food Team

Image: Positive Med