The infections in the ear can be troublesome. They can last for weeks. But then what is the solution? How can an individual get rid of such type of problems?

In medical terms, ear infection is referred to as otitis and there are three different areas where the infections can occur.

External Otitis

By this type of infection, the outer ear, canal is affected. Such type of infection is followed by pain in the ear and the organ becomes inflamed and red. It becomes increasingly sensitive to touch. Such infection is caused because of the build up of bacteria, fungal infection on the dermal layer within the ear tube.

Middle Ear Infection

The middle ear infection is caused as a result of perforation in the ear drum. It is caused when there is a build up of fluid behind the eardrum. This type of infection is common across all age groups. The infection is followed by excruciating pain, it causes fever and headaches.

Otitis Internal

The inner ear infection can cause hearing loss and balance problems because the sensory organs for balance are located in the inner ear. Such infections can lead to vertigo, headaches and fever.

How to tackle the ear infection, alleviate pain?

It is best to search natural remedial methods to cure ear infections. If natural methods do not respond, then one can go for an antibiotic prescription. To cure ear infections the salt sock method is quite popular.

Salt Sock Method

According to the method, you require a clean, white sock is filled with coarse ground sea salt. Since sea salts have anti-septic and wonderful healing attributes therefore they are used. Moreover, such salts can retain heat well and it helps to soothe inflamed ears, reduce pain almost immediately.

So you require the following items:-

A large, clean sock

2 cups of coarse sea salt

With the salt inside the sock, heat the sock moderately and then apply the warm sock below the ear. After repeated use, you can feel the pain subside. It is simple to use. You can keep the salt-soak in the refrigerator and use it whenever you require by just warming it.

Original Article Source: Healthy Holistic Living