Cleaning Your Clothes Sans Chemicals

Laundry products at the store often contain chemicals and other toxins that hurt the environment and you.

The detergent sitting in your laundry room is loaded with toxic fragrances, phenols, and petrochemicals. Detergents are allergenic, carcinogenic, and bad for your health. Most of the chemicals found in detergents have been proven to harm the environment, especially in our waterways and streams.

No one enjoys doing laundry. It’s tedious busy work and usually your clothes are still left with stains even after several washes.

Not to mention most detergents are costly and full of toxins that hurt you and the environment. But did you know there is a detergent that is safe and will save you money. By adding a bit of white vinegar to your washing machine drum you’ll save a lot. Not convince yet? Below are 11 reasons to use white vinegar in your laundry.

11 Awesome Reasons to Use White Vinegar (In Your Laundry)

  1. Trouble getting rid of pet fur? Add some vinegar to the mix when you wash them. All of the animal hair will disappear.
  2. Use vinegar instead of fabric softener as it has the same effect as fabric softener, without all the toxic damage to the environment.
  3. Powdery detergents often leave leftover residue on clothes even after a wash. This can be harmful for those with sensitive skin. However, adding a half cup of white vinegar to your laundry can prevent this.
  4. Remove sweat and deodorant stains from white clothes using white acid.
  5. Do your clothes smell like cigarette smoke? Or maybe you got sprayed by a skunk? Well, white vinegar gets rid of bad odors.
  6. Combine half cup of vinegar with hot, or warm water. Let your dirty clothes soak in the solution overnight and then wash them as usual to get rid of stubborn stains!
  7. Pouring a half cup of white vinegar onto your stones before washing them, enhances the effectiveness of your laundry detergent and protects the color of your clothes. It also lowers the chance of soap residue after.
  8. White vinegar to can descale and clean your washing machine. All without using toxins or chemicals.
  9. Spray stubborn stains with undiluted vinegar and rub to get rid of them.
  10. Static trouble? The acid in white vinegar will take care of it!
  11. Soak underwear and swimwear in a mixture of white vinegar (6 tablespoons) and hand wash for 30 minutes.

Source: Healthy Life Vision