In order to help a homeless man a woman from Texas offered him to spend the night in her house so that he can get protection from the outside whether which was too cold. The woman, when everyone slept, saw something in her house which shocked her. The woman was 66 years old lady and stayed in Houston, Texas along with her 2 grand kids. Not only she has a guest room but also a big heart which made her offer the homeless guy to sleep in bed and warm food too.

So, when she thought that everyone in the house has gone to sleep, she woke up that midnight. She heard some noise which made her wake up that night, because that homeless guy (named Smit) after 1 am was doing something. The homeless guy said to the media KRPC TV that he woke up because he had heard a bang. But the lady and her grand kids were not disturbed by the bang. The guy assumed that there was someone who was trying to break in the home, but later he understood that this was not the case. Therefore, when he opened the lady’s room he resolved what the problem was and thus, his reaction was quick.

There was an explosion in the attic and the entire room was filled with smoke. A part of the ceiling fell on the lady when she was still on bed, after explosion. This guy took the lady outside the room after clearing the parts of ceiling off her. After taking her outside he realized that the grandkids were still inside the room.

Smith went back inside the room to save the little grandkids risking his life from the choking smoke and temperature indie the room. He walked out of the room taking both the girls along with him in his arms. The fire burnt and destroyed everything inside the lady’s house. The 66 years old lady lived in that house since 40 years and now everything was gone, but it was fortunate that both her grandkids were alive. It is said that what goes around comes around- the lady wanted to help the homeless guy and he also repaid the debt he owed in an incredible manner.

Many of us would not ever think to invite any unknown or homeless people in our home for shelter or to feed them. But, that old lady had listened to her inner sense and helped him to spend the night. The fire might have spread up in the entire home and would have caused injuries or death if the guy had not been there to help. Blessings come in an unexpected way- this is one of the real life proof. If you help others you too would receive help- what goes around definitely come around to you. Do not forget to share this story with your friends as well as your family. Thank you for reading this real life story.

Source: Natural Healing Magazine